Rayon Yarn

All About Rayon Yarn

Rayon yarn hits its fame from its wonderful color. It belongs to biosynthetic material. Among the other yarns, this one brings a good difference in hue. For those who want the end products with good saturation, this is the right choice. Although now it is famous, in the old-time, people were not interested in this. At the end of 18 century, this had not reached popularity. However, since the beginning of 19 century, it began to rise. Thanks to the high rate of silk in that time. People then tried hard and experimented to find the alternative. It’s rayon. Let us dig deeper into this colorful material.

Rayon Yarn
The use of rayon yarn in clothing fabrics

How Rayon Yarn Is Made?

This yarn is classified as synthetic yarn (made of synthetic fiber). The source is actually natural but it is processed many times. The cellulose of the wood is regenerated. There are some methods of rayon production. The most expensive method is named lyocell. The reason behind the high rate of this method is the level of toxicity that is less than the others. It uses amine oxide in dissolving the cellulose.

The second method namely cupro. This process uses copper salt’s ammoniacal solution. This method has been used for so long in the cellulose dissolving process and is known as the historic method. The third process that goes through the cellulose is the viscose process. This one uses neurotoxin carbon sulfide and alkali. This last method is the most famous rayon-making process. Almost every manufacturer uses this way to get the material for that yarn.

Rayon Yarn‘s Strength

This yarn is stated to be good basic material in creating versatile clothes. The end products that are produced by this yarn are recognized to be comfortable, cool, and soft. It is suitable for the hot season and the environment with high humidity. It also has good absorption into the water. Because of its excellent absorption ability, the color has adhered perfectly.

It results in wonderful saturation. This is one of the strong reasons that this yarn is enthused.

The texture of the fabric result resembles those of linen, cotton, wool, polyester and silk. It has slipperiness like nylon. So, in knitting this yarn, you need to hold it strongly.

The Weakness Of Rayon Yarn

It has been mentioned a little above about the slipperiness. That becomes the first weakness of this material. The next weaknesses are:

  • When it is wet, it becomes too delicate. If you wear this when it’s raining, you should avoid water. It will be too flimsy and stick with your body. When knitting, keep away the yarn from water.
  • It is easy for mildew to pollute. Back to its absorbent characteristic, this also runs for mildew.
  • Minimum resilience. The yarn is not bouncy so the end product won’t be too. But this doesn’t mean that the clothes are stiff. Thanks to the material that has not too stiff characteristics. It is helping much and makes the users comfortable.

The Sustainability Of Rayon Yarn

In establishing the sustainability or the biodegradability of this kind of material, research was conducted. The study has to find that might make you surprised. Compared to cotton, rayon is more biodegradable. However, there is a factor that makes biodegradability decreased. That factor is the level of water repellency. If it is higher, the decomposition of the used fabric is more difficult and of course, the time of the decomposition is slower.

The Sustainability Of Rayon Yarn
Sustainable use of rayon yarn

With the high usage of a chemical substance in the making process, it makes biodegradability is decreased too. However, the technology in this century has been developed and sophisticated, there is a lot of option include the natural process. Chemical usage many years ago might have become the standard of the technology advance. Now it has changed. Due to the rise of environmental awareness, people together with the expert strive to find the most sustainable way.

Since the most sustainable way is very expensive and over budget, a new option is created. There is a solution for that that is the not expensive budget but friendly to the nature. The manufacturer also can use different sources so the sustainability level can be kept good.

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